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Episode 13 – Dr. Ben Taylor | Dealing with Stress and Stress Views

In this episode, I chat with Dr. Ben Taylor.  He’s an orthopedic traumatologist by training and is currently the program director of the trauma fellowship at Grant Medical Center in Columbus OH.  He is also faculty to 5 residencies (including Grandview) and an author,...

Episode 12 – Dr. Gerald Williams | on Developing Leadership

Our guest for this episode is Dr. Gerald Williams, the immediate past president of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.  Grandview was lucky enough to have Dr. Williams speak at our graduation this past year and his lecture of personal pearls really got me...

Episode 5 Ayesha Yahya | Research as a medical student

In Episode 5, I talk to Ayesha Yahya, who will be an intern at WellSpan York Hospital this year.  She has had an unconventional road to orthopedics.  Ayesha started her career as a researcher and got into medicine unsure of what specialty she would pursue.  Recently,...

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