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Aileen Larson

Aileen Larson

Cerumen Sucker

At 11, my curiosity for surgery blossomed while observing my veterinarian father operate. Even though I thought many times about becoming a zoo vet (tigers are my spirit animal), I ultimately went for human medicine and found head and neck anatomy. Otolaryngology may be defined by a relatively narrow stretch of anatomy, but in practice it integrates many body systems. The more I learned about ENT the more I understood why ENT surgeons say it is the best kept secret of surgery!

Yet, as an MS4, I was not a typical, “top of the class, crazy high board score” student auditioning for ENT. I had to give it my all and then some and reached out to many residents/mentors for advice. Now, as a resident, I want to pay it forward. One of my favorite quotes from a mentor is “luck favors the well prepared,” aka if I can do it, so can you!

Anya Costeloe

Anya Costeloe

Booger Doctor

I absolutely fell in love with ENT during my third year rotation. At first I was scared to pursue ENT because of how competitive it was. The best advice I got was that even if I didn’t match, at least I would have know that I tried and never have to wonder, what if? And I’m so glad I did!

Auditioning was hard but the long hours in the car from CA to OH, the five months away from home, and the moving to a new place every 2 weeks paid off! Now I am an otolaryngology resident at St. John Providence in Michigan and I want to share what I’ve learned on the audition trail and help medical students interested in the specialty.

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