Here is our list of must-have resources for every student interested in orthopedics.

Books – 

1. Netter’s Concise Orthopaedic Anatomy, Updated Edition, 2e (Netter Basic Science)*

This is an ortho student’s Bible.  The majority of questions asked of you in the OR are anatomy related.  This anatomy atlas included blurbs on physical exam and common pathology.  I had mine spiral bound and laminated but it was still falling apart by the end of my away rotations because I used it so much.  The eBook version may be more durable…

Netters concise orthopedic anatomy

2.  Handbook of Fractures*

This book chronicles fractures and their common classifications.  Be sure to reference it whenever you are seeing a fracture in the clinic or as a consult.

hand book of fractures    handbook of fractures excerpt

* If you purchase these books through these links, we get a little kickback from Amazon.  Thanks in advance!

Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at 10.35.46 PM

3.  Pocket Pimped: Orthopedic Surgery, 1500 Questions You WILL Be Asked

This book is written by people who know what you’ll be asked, two orthopedic residents.  They’ve compiled questions that they routinely ask students and were asked themselves as students.  It is a great pocket-sized resource to help you maneuver the inevitable knowledge assessment game.  Check out their post, The Art of Being Pimped, for more helpful tips.


1. AO Surgery Reference App

This use friendly app takes you through the entire decision making tree.  It walks you through the AO classifications of each fracture and then through pictoral discriptions of approaches and fixation constructs.  One downside is that it requires internet connection.

ao-ref-1         ao-ref-2

2. Ortho Traumapedia

This app is a little older and simpler but also a gold mine of information, including normal XR’s with illustrations and the old school classifications.  It also does not require an internet connection!  So when you’re running between cases and find yourself in a twilight zone without reception or wifi, you can do a quick last minute brushup on the ORIF you’re walking into.

traumapedia     traumapedia-4  traumapedia-3     traumapedia-2

Websites –

1. Orthobullets

More orthopedic knowledge than you could ever hope to get through.  Organized by subspecialty, there is currated information on virtually every orthopedic topic, board test questions, links to research evidence, etc.  Probably the only website (except this one) that you’ll need.


2. University of Washington Orthopaedics Youtube Channel

Subscribe for their monthly grand rounds.  Great comprehensive and interesting presentations from leaders in the field on a wide variety of topics.

HUsky orthopedics grand rounds  Husky Orthopedics Grand Rounds

What other resources have you guys found helpful?  Leave us a comment below.

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