In this episode, I talk with Dr. Joel Rush.  Dr. Rush has a long history of leadership.  He was in the inaugural class of what is now NOVA Southeastern University, did his residency at Summa Western Reserve, has been president of the AOAO, and is currently the program director of the Broward Health Orthopedic Residency.  Broward is one of the few AOA programs that have already achieved initial accreditation in the merger to the single accreditation system.   Dr. Rush talks candidly about the challenges the osteopathic orthopedic community faces during the next coming years.

We also discuss his approach to running a successful orthopedic residency, from selecting from the very competitive pool of student applicants to providing an education that produces capable general orthopedic surgeons.  What should a student know for their rotations?  How does a student stand out from the 400+ applications that come across his desk each year?  How does Broward prepare their residents for practice?  Listen in as he answers these questions and more.