In this episode, I sit down with our incoming intern class.  These guys have just been through the gauntlet and come out victorious!  This was recorded back in spring so away rotations and the application process was fresh in their minds.  We discuss their different strategies for clinical rotation sites, finding mentors, and setting up their audition rotations.

JD and Sean attended Marian University, a new medical school.  While they did not have upperclassmen to help guide their decisions, they were able to rely on mentors (residents and attendings) to get them the exposure they needed.  Caleb talks about his approach to getting lots of hands on exposure to orthopedics and how to seek out mentorships.  While there are formal programs matching students with mentors, there is something to be said about doing it the old fashioned way!

The four of us also talk about how to choose where to do away rotations.  Information can be hard to come by but the Osteopathic Orthopedic Residency Directory can help you select your best fit.  In particular, how do your board scores play into selecting which residencies to visit?

Hope your enjoy this episode.  There’s a second half to our conversation so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on part two, where we talk about strategies to employ while on your away rotations.


We’re so happy to welcome these three guys to the team and I hope you’ll find their advice helpful.