Dr. Roy Meals has long been influential in orthopedic world.  Amongst many other acclaims, he is past president of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand and has left his imprint on academic literature.  He has also recently ventured into blogging for the general public on his aptly named site www.aboutbone.com.  One of my favorite posts, Distraught wife, traveling salesman revolutionize arthritis surgery, chronicles Sir John Charnley’s, as in “Charnley retractor, please”, quest to make total hip replacements safe and predictable.  Did you know that he also invented the space suits we all know and love for total joints??

In this episode of the podcast, Dr. Meals and I discuss both sides of his literary pursuits. He describes what it was like to be editor in chief of the Journal of Hand Surgery and what drives him to write for curious people from all walks of life.  We also discuss his teaching philosophy and how it was influenced by his mentor, Dr. Raymond Curtis.  I also get a chance to elicit some personal advice that is applicable to anyone applying for residencies or fellowships.