Drs. Tabs Aiyer, Matt Varacallo, and Jonathan Kaplan are a trio of orthopedic surgeons who have banded together to bring honest and direct mentoring to medical students through their platform, Ortho Mentor.  I am super excited to bring you all this episode because Ortho Mentor and White Coat Coaching have such similar passions.  

In this episode, we go over a lot of great stuff.  We start with how they all met and maintained relationships that have stood the test of time.  Perhaps even more difficult than the test of time, their relationships have stood the test of transitions. From student-resident relationships to colleagues and beyond.  As you might imagine, we also talk about mentors. Each of the speakers reflects on some of their personal mentors that have impacted them in both positive and negative ways.

We also get into some nitty gritty info about the specifics of the ortho application such as: What is a good USMLE Step1 score?  What do I do with a gap year? How do I decide where to rotate. A little caveat here, there were some audio glitches with the recording so thank you for your patience!  But, students, be prepared to take notes because there is a lot of great information in this episode.

Be sure to check them out on Instagram and also on their new blog with the Journal of the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Sounds from the Training Room