This episode is one of my absolute favorites.  Dr. Bonnie Simpson Mason is the founder of Nth Dimensions, the number one pipeline for women and minorities seeking competitive specialties (including orthopedic surgery) in the US.  In this episode, she shares her origin story into orthopedics and how it shaped her personal approach to fostering the young men and women in the Nth Dimensions pipeline.  From her trailblazer mother to her trailblazing mentors like Dr. Bill Craven, a former NFL athlete turned orthopedic surgeon, and Dr. Claudia L. Thomas, the first female African-American orthopedic surgeon in the US, Dr. Mason has developed a “board of mentors.”  She now teaches students how to find and activate their network.

Dr. Mason has also spoken nationally on the topic of diversity in medicine and her dedication is evident in the way she eloquently explains why diversity with inclusion is pivotal for healthcare moving forward.  She is also a recipient of the AAOS Diversity Award.

“Diversity is inviting someone to the dance.  Inclusion is inviting them to dance.”  – Dr. Bonnie Mason

Without fail, every time I speak with Dr. Mason, I am inspired to find my untapped excellence.  I hope this conversation passes that priceless feeling on to you.