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White Coat Coaching is brought to you by an orthopedic surgeon’s number one tool, hospital coffee.

The idea came to us over breakfast one morning as we were answering student questions. We were reminded of our own application processes and how much research we had to do on the fly.  We all sent countless emails and browsed confusing internet forums in between long hours trying to learn and impress on clinical rotations and studying for tests. Years later, the next generation still struggles with many of the same questions. White Coat Coaching was created to provide an efficient and interactive place for students interested in orthopedic surgery training to understand what lays ahead and start preparing.


Emily Tan, DO

Artist, turned horse trainer, turned surgeon. It’s been quite the journey with some rough patches. As an MS4, I went unmatched. Disappointed but undeterred, I regrouped, did some soul searching, picked up some new tricks, and successfully reapplied. Not everyone fits the match formula as presented by our deans and guidance counselors and I’m excited to share what I’ve learned so far.

Can’t believe it’s my chief year!  Next year I’ll be headed off to an upper extremity fellowship with the Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center.

Andy Malarkey, DO

Hand Weanie

Although I love all aspects of ortho, I decided to specialize in hand—the cerebral side of orthopedics! Medicine for me is a family affair. My dad is an MD orthopedic surgeon and two of my brothers are also physicians. My dad was my inspiration but there’s room for debate as to which of us inspired my brothers, one a DO and the other an MD. 2 DOs and 2 MDs certainly allow for some great family conversations! I want to share real tips and techniques I learned to help all students maximize their potential.

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