Built by orthopedic surgery residents for medical students, this site aims to empower the next generation of orthopods to make informed career goals and achieve them.

Core Features


Explore your options as an up and coming orthopedic surgeon. Get an insider look at life as an orthopedic surgery resident. Find tools and tips on how to do well on away rotations, interviews, and other underground curricula involved in matching into an orthopedic residency.


Listen to interviews with thought leaders and newbies in the field. Download sample mock orals and quick audio clips breaking down the must-know topics for students interested in orthopedics. Brings us along on those long commutes to learn on the road.


 Participate in online courses to prepare for subinternships and spend time with our coaches to craft your application. Write your personal statement and prepare for your interview with someone who has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.

“Emily was extremely helpful while preparing for my orthopedic interviews.  We discussed multiple different interviewing strategies and different ways to answer interview style questions. I strongly recommend seeking advice from WCC while preparing for interview season.”

– Grant B.

Class of 2017 (matched)

“White Coat Coaching is a phenomenal resource available to medical students aspiring to match into an orthopedic surgical residency, with all the information for a successful audition season in one place.

As a MS4 on an audition, I got invaluable help in developing skills in the operating room, an ability to systematically and correctly read X-rays, an understanding of orthopedic concepts, and techniques to successfully interview.

– Zach L.

Class of 2017 (matched)

“Their dedication to helping students match is second to none. From finding pertinent program information to refining orthopedic knowledge, White Coat Coaching is the monumental resource that will help you strategically navigate the application/ audition process, and is essential to success.”

– Anonymous

Class of 2017 (matched)

” WOW!”

“What a great discourse about the Ortho journey in an interview format.  I thoroughly enjoyed it. ”

– David H.

Supportive father

(Thanks, Dad!)

“Thank you so much for all of your help and advice on orthopedic audition rotations!  WCC has been incredibly valuable resources!”

– Amy

Class of 2018

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